About Yourweb21.com

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Yourweb21 was founded by Carlos Paz in 2012, graduated as computer technician in 1995, working in other areas of interest, after years away from the computer decided to return to his profession in a new area such as Web design. After beginning to study the opportunity arises to start with several smaller works that were to shape and strengthen the learned before.

The projects meant a great motivation to go deeper into web design as each project represented a new challenge, a new way of presenting information both written and graphic according to customer requirements; this interesting work is the combination of several elements such as graphic design, web design and dealing with customers, the mixture of these elements in each project is what gives relevance to the work and each customer has a different perspective, and keeping you as a designer, active and looking to meet each requirement within allowable parameters.

Among the highlights of projects is the use of various tools that facilitate the development of web platforms to promote corporate events, which entails working among the event organizer, the public relations department and the administration of the company, as a way to link all systems and to control the process from the mass email delivery through the registration of participants and concluding with payment tracking by the administrative department and updated list of participants.

Equally interesting is the process of remodeling, modifying or maintaining existing websites as you can appreciate the coding style of other web designers

Each day is different, is the search for a new idea or design that can motivate a new project. Every day there is a new program and finding out perhaps that the style you are using and programming practices are outdated.

The Internet is a constantly changing world, from web design trends and techniques and settings to achieve better organic positioning and better loading speed of the website.

All these factors are the ones that generate the interest to create new ideas and ways of structuring the work according to what the requirements dictate.