Password Security

Password Security

strong-passwordFew years ago Password Security was plain and easy to remember, since a password was only one to enter the email, then came Facebook and there began the proliferation of so-called social networks and with all this technological advancement and all these programs, we have seen in the need to create accounts that use one of our many emails and password!!!.

Even then became complicated because we had to have several different keys (not necessarily true, many people retain a single key for all access), to complicate matters further, began the famous Hackers to attack and attempt to discover passwords to our accounts and that’s when we needed to start creating more complex than “12345” key or “password” for example. Then the Password Security needed to be increased.


The key usually has a combination of letters and numbers and even better if we combine capital letters with lowercase like: M1Clav3 and now why do not combine letters and numbers and special characters (! @ # $% &) as well, There are places where not allowed to use special characters or limit us which ones can be used, then seize that opportunity and make the best possible combination always trying to get a key that can remember and hard to guess.


This is one of the things where we can say “Size Counts”, there are several different opinions and values ​​that are available in internet for the time it takes for a hacker to discover or decipher a key, to give a rough idea on average an 8 characters lower case password takes 3 to 5 minutes to be discovered, special characters combined with numbers and more digits on the key will be better, then it becomes more difficult to decipher or at least it takes them longer.

This is one of the tables that can be obtained with the comparison of time depending on the combination of characters.

However, some say that can crack or crack a key in less time than this.



At present most of the recommendations indicate that is no longer sufficient mix of alphanumeric characters but also symbols, but more important than all this is the way they are combined.

Normally, when users are forced to use complex passwords, they use the same types of characters in the same places. For example, when people are forced to create a password of 8 characters with complexity, most will choose one with the first capital letter (generally a consonant), followed by a lowercase vowel. If you use a number, it will usually be a “1” or “2” and placed at the end. If you use a symbol, usually will be one placed somewhere in the middle, often replacing a letter with a similar way: by @ or a zero to replace a “or” an exclamation of “i, “and so on.

This is something that hackers know and have databases of passwords or more common keys used, to combat this the best are key with random characters such as: %PY4$H<@n this configuration has proven to be the most effective but also the most difficult to remember for users, in any case, we will have to start using this type of complexity in a most friendly way and have more meaning for us.

The most important thing is to realize this and do our job to protect our best.

Here you’ll find an interesting article that reinforces the idea of password security. The Real Life Risks Of Re-Using The Same Passwords.


For those of us that is difficult to create good passwords here’s the list of some key generators:

Note: Password Generators are shown only as a reference, do not mean a recommendation for use.

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