Web Design Services

We are dedicated to create and/or modify web sites for several clients in different areas of work such as:

  • Private clients.
  • Companies.
    • Petrochemicals Services
    • Services and supplies
    • Advertising.
    • Construction.
    • Surveillance, etc.

Whatever your area of interest, we create or modify your website, adapting to your needs and working closely with you, offering current trends and tips to get the result you expect.

Dynamic Web Design with Content Management System (CMS)

Web designs developed using Wordpress as Content Management System platform, which has a lot of benefits like the start-up is much faster than the static one as HTML web systems. Wordpress has a lot of plugins (additional components that can be added) that come already programmed and provide a lot of additional features or characteristics which would take a lot of time to develop in HTML.

Basic Package (???$)
Complete WordPress configuration.
Basic Design.
Up to 05 pages included.
SEO for the 5 pages.
Contact form.(included in the 05 pages)
Links to Social Media.
Responsive Web Design (cross platform, for PC, tablets and Smartphone)
Google XML Sitemap.
WordPress Security Plugin.

Improve website load speed

speed up your website

Each day websites loading speed becomes more important, is so important that it will affect the SEO and page ranking, that is if the speed of your website is good then this will help achieve better rankings.

Bad website speed

Google and other services can help you find out what the performance or speed of your website is, Google for example shows the values and their respective background color to give you a clearer idea of how good or bad the speed is and going from green Color (good speed) to red to indicate that speed is bad, always the goal will bring speed to the highest possible number.

Good website speed

If you already have your website but are not satisfied with the loading speed of it, or you do not know it, check out your website here: if the mobile or Desktop's performance is less than 75 then you should worry, Contact Us and we'll improve the performance of your website.

Google Apps

Google Apps

We setup Google Apps accounts, Google is a service that provides independently customized versions of several Google products with a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional informatics suites: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar,Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Sites.